What is an "open air" photo booth?
An open air photo booth does not use a physical booth.  Instead, our booth is just a camera system and a background.  This helps accommodate bigger groups, more interaction between guests, and the freedom to have more fun.

How do I get all of the images?
During the event, all guests can send their photos to themselves instantly using the touch screen on the photo booth.  At the conclusion of the event, you will receive a flash drive with all of your high-resolution photos.  Lastly, we'll create a web gallery of the images the following day for you to easily email to anyone who might have missed out during the event.

What are the "dynamic elements" used in a custom background?
When we use "dynamic elements" in the background, we're add decor to give it depth so that its not flat.  This helps make the background more interesting and improve the overall quality of photos.  Browse some of our images for examples.

Can you do green screen backgrounds?
Yes, and they're really fun.

Is there a contract?
Yes, we'll have you sign the upon booking your date.  None of that legal mumbo-jumbo; its in plain English.

When do I pay?
There is a 50% deposit due upon booking.  Then, the balance is due 1 month before your event.

What is the pricing?
Contact us for a quote.

What form of payment do you accept?
Check, PayPal, and Venmo.